Our Team

I have been in the mortgage industry for 20 years. I know how overwhelming it can be buying a new home. This is why I have built a team of mortgage professionals whose goal is to make it as simple as possible. We treat all our customers as if they were our own family, so we will always do what is best for YOU. We offer honest, reliable and professional home loan solutions and we love helping people reach their dreams of home ownership.

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage home loan lets you use a portion of your equity in home for cash. The money built up by the mortgage payments will be paid to you. A reverse mortgage is an excellent option if you are over 62 years old and wish to live your remaining life with happiness and without worries. You will get regular monthly payments and you won’t have to be a burden on anyone. At V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. we can help you getting a reverse mortgage easily. Our advisors are very skilled and will help you choose the perfect plan.

How to Start

Get started today by completing our online pre-approval application. After your application is received, a dedicated Loan Officer will contact to discuss your personalized options to help you find the best mortgage loan. Obtaining your mortgage pre-approval is an important step in the home buying process and gives you maximum buying power when looking for your dream home. It gives sellers confidence in your ability to buy and allows you to find the right home just for you and your family. Our Loan Officers at V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. want to help you find your perfect home, so get started today by completing our online application.


Underwater on your home?

We can help! If you owe more than your home is worth, HARP IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! You may be eligible for this program if you have an existing mortgage under Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and you closed on the mortgage before May 31, 2009. You must also be current on your mortgage payments with no late payments in the last 6 months. With rates at historic lows, this is the perfect time to refinance!

Cash in your home!

A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that built up over years of home mortgage payments can be paid to you. But, unlike a traditional home equity loan or second mortgage, no repayment is required until the borrower(s) no longer use the home as their principal residence.

Have bad credit?

Have bad credit, and don't know where to turn? Here at V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc., we can help you figure out where you stand with your credit, and give you helpful suggestions to start pointing your credit in the correct direction. Call us today for more information regarding this FREE service that V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. offers.

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1To become pre-approved for a loan, please fill out our online application and your Loan Officer will contact you immediately to discuss the details.

Get Pre-Approved

2When making an offer on a home you want to have the upper hand in negotiating. Ensuring that you have been pre-approved for maximum buying power will allow you to be confident in your ability to make an offer on your dream home. It will also show the seller that you are prepared and they do not need to worry about your ability to afford the home.

Yes. We care.

3At V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc., we want to ensure that our customers enjoy a purchase or refinance transaction that is easy every step of the way.

V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. Home Loans

4is a full-service Mortgage Bank that has served the lending needs of its customers for more than 30 years. V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. has 19 branches nationally. Call us today to see what V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. can do for you!